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What I'm Reading...

Medical Romance:  check out this Listmania! collection

Contemporary Romance:
  • Jill Shalvis 
  • Jennifer Crusie
  • Janet Van Gorden - if you like sweet romances about second chances, this up-and-coming new author is your gal! 
Series Romance (Harlequin etc):
  • Maya Banks
  • Heidi Rice - if characters can be simultaneously glamorous and down-to-earth, hers definitely fit the bill.
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Susan Napier
  • Kate Walker
  • Michelle Reid
  • Kate Hardy - I'm a big fan of her Mills & Boon medical romances.
  • Helen Bianchin - gotta love the crazy b*@$# villainesses in these.  Kind of a signature thing, instantly recognizable, and oddly comforting.
  • Sarah Mayberry - the BEST friend-turned-lover stories!
  • Johanna Lindsay - hit or miss, definitely "Old Skool" - back when the bodice-ripper was so totally cool.  Back when men were men, the original alpha heroes.  Especially love the Mallory books.  <is it getting hot in here?>
  • Julia Quinn
  • Stephanie Laurens
Chick Lit:
  • Elle Lothlorien - writes fairy-tales re-imagined.  Frog Prince - Oh, yeah!!  Sleeping Beauty - once I got over the "ick" factor of a doctor getting involved with his patient, this one was pretty interesting and well executed.  
  • Jennifer Weiner - what I especially like about her books is that the main characters' stage of life parallels mine, so I feel totally simpatico.  When I read Good in Bed I was a young, single, hip urbanite.  In her Shoes came at a turning point in my career, again spot on.  Little Earthquakes - we were all popping out babies.  Goodnight Nobody - soccer mom doing a little sleuthing between carpool and picking up the dry-cleaning--yup!



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