Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taking a Chance - now available on Amazon Kindle!

I do not multi-task.  It's not that I can't (when you've got kids, multi-tasking is a basic survival skill).  But when it comes to being productive--whether at work or while writing--I simply choose not to.  For me, concentrating on one thing at a time is the key to getting that one thing done.

So, you may have noticed I took a long hiatus from this blog.  That's because I was busy writing the second book in my "Doctors of Rittenhouse Square" trilogy.  Taking a Chance is now done, edited, and uploaded to Amazon Kindle!  Check it out, and let me know what you think.

(Book one, Pursued by the Playboy, is also available.)

Taking a Chance

by Jill Blake
City girl…

When Samantha Winters’ career as a big-city doctor leads to major burnout, she applies for a temporary position at a small clinic in central Pennsylvania.   She’s as out of place in the town of Oakridge as a pair of high heels in a cow pasture, but that won’t stop her from going after what she wants.  And what she wants most—after rediscovering her passion for medicine—is a family of her own:  a loving husband and kids.

…meets country boy

Alex Kane is the local boy who made good.  He’s spent years building his computer start-up into the biggest employer in Oakridge.  Between that, and raising his sister’s orphaned kids, he’s ready for a break.  What he really wants is to cut loose and have some fun.  Too bad the new doc in town isn’t interested…. Or is she?