Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Santa Monica Trilogy Boxed Set is here!

The Santa Monica Trilogy Boxed Set (3 books in 1)

Book 1: Without a Net ~ Eva & Max
Book 2: Coming Home ~ Grace & Logan
Book 3: Balancing Act ~ Angie & Zach

*Please note: this collection contains adult themes and explicit language, and is meant for adults 18 and over.*


Without a Net (Book 1)

Betrayed by her husband, single mom to her young son, struggling to keep head above water, the last thing Eva needs is another philandering male. But when her best friend's older brother offers her a job, can Eva resist what may be the biggest adventure of her life?

Coming Home (Book 2)

Eight years after she leaves for New York, scandal sends Grace fleeing home and into the arms of her old college boyfriend. But can their second chance at love triumph over the damage of past betrayals?

Balancing Act (Book 3)

When Angie goes head to head against her old nemesis Zach, "backroom negotiation" takes on a whole new meaning. As lawyers on opposite sides of a case, they've got plenty to argue about. But legal wrangling takes a backseat when their mutual attraction threatens to spin out of control.

Special bonus: sneak peek at my newest release 

Beyond the Ivory Tower

(coming to Amazon November 2015)!

If there's one thing math professor Anna Lazarev believes in, it's the value of higher education. So when her younger sister announces she's dropping out of college, Anna places the blame squarely on the man who inspired her sister's rebellion.

Venture capitalist Ethan Talbot claims the US academic system is broken. His solution? Pay top students to "opt out" and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without wasting time and money on a university degree.

Locked in a passionate battle for the hearts and minds of a new generation, Anna will do whatever it takes to prove Ethan wrong. But when his demands take a more personal turn, will she sacrifice her principles to come out on top?


What readers and reviewers are saying about the books in this collection:

“erotica for the thinking woman” 
–Alia, on Goodreads

“Witty and well-written, this is a tale of taking risks, jumping at opportunities, and following your heart.” 
–Sandra Lopez, YA author

“a lighthearted romance with a side of humor” 
–Amy, DRC’s Review Team

“a welcome addition to the contemporary romance genre” 
–LJT, on Goodreads

“Very well written with interesting characters and a story that keeps you turning the page.” 
–Bette Hansen, on Goodreads

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